Friday, 17 July 2009

Where's the time gone

Hi my name is Rich Rushton and its been 19 days since my last update.....

so 19 days to cover, where to start, lets do this with a bit of thought and planning... as i have learnt on my uni course a good piece of writing starts with a good plan

so here's the plan

How i've spent my Last 19 days

  • Watched Glastonbury solidly on TV, every possible opportunity, every band available, milking the BBC red button for everything it had to offer... loved it sooooo much but at the same time gutted that I wasn't there... Highlights were Dizzee Rascal, Glasvegas, Blur, Lady Gaga (i know.?!?) Bloc Party, Tom Jones and seeing Jamie T still singing laying on his back after falling off a speaker.
  • Dizzee Rascal.... I have always loved Dizzee Rascal pre commercial success but now after seeing the Glastonbury set am getting some tickets to go see him in Leeds/Sheffield in October, its gonna be sweeeeeet..!!
  • T in The Park - see Glastonbury entry above - same story - Highlights were easily Elbow & Regina Spektor, possibly the two artists i want to see more than anyone else right now
  • Started work on remixing a track for a Polish band called 'Tonic Drive'
  • Got my latest Uni results in - got a 75% for my exam conditioned essay, bloody marvellous
  • Threw a cheeky BBQ had a few mates round and got through rather a lot of alcohol, ended up going clubbing afterwards and getting in at four a.m. managed to blag into the VIP area, well just walked in really, and was drinking out of a 4 pint pitcher all night (how cool am i..!!!)
  • Grew a Faux-hawk, not quite a Mohawk but a fake one, like Faux Leather or Suede
  • Registered for next years Glastonbury, not missing this one
  • Knocked a bottle of fabric conditioner over my phone and iPod and still suffering the effects from it now :-(
  • Growing a full on beard, I know I wont regret this in a few years time when i look back at it
  • That is all
Ermmm think i quite like this in list form now... maybe next time i will include pictures

Much love to all

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