Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A triple century

Word Up,

If your reading this is most probably likely that you have been directed from my Twitter account, where you will see that me talking about this is my 300th tweet..!!!

300 tweets, I know it may only seem like a minor milestone to most people but to me this is big, huge, massive even and as I look back over my 300 tweets to see what I have accomplished with it then I am pretty impressed even if I do say so myself :-)

Not only do I have some great friends on there already, @danmaw1979, @aylwardreed & @blondekeen but I've met some fantastically interesting people on Twitter, @PaulSteel for one, a really talented musician/singer/writer but also a genuinly nice guy, I've started or been mainly responsible for a twittering Rushton revolution (on which note I found another 29 Rushton's today taking it past 250 mark, although dissapointing found 3 Rushton's had blocked me but lets not dwell) and there are far too many Rushton's to single out for an individual mention and we are a collective now so it would be unfair haha, had conversations with a few celebs (i use this term very VERY losely cos i know they would hate being referred to as celebs) Dave Gorman, Will Carling & Rob Brydon, I've been Retweeted, Forwarded and Reffered to in other tweets and you know what I am quite happy with my lot.

So why do people still not like twitter and diss it at every possible opportunity when i enjoy it so much.? Personally I believe it all comes down to the people you follow as to how your experience shapes up, you have to choose wisely and resist the celebrity option as much as possible, yes its great to see what Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had for breakfast or read how sad/happy/angry/battered jordan and Peter are or bask in the radiance & annoyance of Perez & Paris Hilton but when you have flick through the 250 tweets a day that you really dont care about you may have missed those few gems that were left by that person you actually know or would like to get to know. I would never advise someone not to follow a person or to follow someone in particular but think about who you follow, have a look at how many updates they post and how many people they follow first and make a more informed judgement, after all you can always look at their updates at any time without having to follow them.

Anyway, enough rambling on from me, please do note I am of course available to follow on twitter and would cherish each and every new follower ;-)

To all my friends, followers and readers of my updates, I love you all in your own special way

Mwah x

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