Saturday, 25 July 2009

Spain..?? Greece..?? Naaahh Scarborough..!!

Got to love the British Summertime Seaside Weather

* Arrive at Beach - Its a Little overcast but its ok

* WHAT THE HELL..!!! Quick get back in the car - Torrential downpoar literally seconds after the last pic

* 10 minutes of solid heavy rain pass - just long enough to eat sandwiches in the car

* 20 minutes after parking up, sat on the beach, glorious sunshine, you would never have known its been raining, yet alone a storm of that magnitude

And who said British Holidays dont have much to offer, theres Sun, Sea, Sand, Picturesque Scenery and bucketloads of Rain..!! All I can say is I am glad that its only a 40 minute drive away from home :-)

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