Friday, 26 June 2009

Twittering Rushton's Part 1

I like Twitter, I think it is great, I try to avoid the whole "celebrity" following thing as much as possible and try to keep it a bit real and only add people that I feel bring something a little different to it without completely flooding it with updates so when my friends actually do post an update it doesn't get lost in the mire.

I always see people on Twitter using the 'Follow Friday' hashtag which is used on a Friday advising people to follow someone else who you may find interesting.  I have never used it before and obviously you cant use FollowFriday on yourself but thought if there was anyone else who I would recommend someone to follow then how cool would it be if it was another Rushton.  So there it is, my mind starts ticking over and I begin to wonder how many active Rushton's there are on Twitter and with it being Follow Friday then maybe I should follow a few of them.

I put the following as my latest update 
"rushtonrichis on a quest to follow as many Rushton's as possible on twitter, not sure if its is a good idea, hey, why dont you follow a new Rushton too"  
and then I start my search.... 5 pages of Rushton's, right what do I do now.? who do I add first.? are the other Rushton's going to think I am a bit mental.? I decide to start at the top and just blitz it, Rushton by Rushton I click on the follow button.... 1 page down, 2nd page next, then onto the 3rd.... Where do I stop.? Do I not add a Rushton when they don't have a certain number of followers or not add them if its been a long time since they last submitted an update.? But this seems a little unfair, especially seens that surely each Rushton deserves an equal spot.

185 Rushton's later and I am happy with my work so far, Rushtons in England, America, South Africa, Spain & various other places dotted around the globe, now just have to see if any recipricate and follow me too without thinking I am completely insane.

Will keep you updated

Rich obviously a Rushton


As I started to write this the emails have started to flood in,  well i say flood, more like a trickle of Rushton's.... First Rushton's to follow, in order.... @SallyRushton, @rushton2, @Elven_Ranger, @Madgeniusmusic, @helen1811, @kim_burly & @craigrushton as well as a direct message from @Krushton

Cheers Guys, will speak to you all a little bit later



  1. Am I the only U.S. Rushton you've got so far?


  2. Hey Aaron, there are a couple of you from the old U S of A and now there is Canada & Australia... as well as the UK of course




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