Friday, 26 June 2009

Rushton's gone mad - Twitter crazyness part II

Wow Wow Wow, what a phenomenal response to one tweet and a hours worth of pressing "follow"

I honestly can not believe whats happened with all the Rushton's, for a couple of hours tonight the Rushton name took over Twitter and I swear if it wasn't for Michael Jackson's death we would have made it onto the trending topics list.

There is some crazy shizzle going on, people making Rushton friends, there's even the early stages of a Rushton relationship forming, there are male Rushton's and female Rushton's, Company Directing Rushton's and School Kid Rushton's, Mummy Rushton's and Daddy Rushton's. I am hoping I will be able to add some of the other Rushton's tweets to one of my blogs (if they will let me) so you too will get to experience it.

Things are moving pretty fast and there are now more and more Rushton's logging in so who knows just where this is going to end up, there is now even a world map on my site, somewhere down there under all the blogs, right at the bottom of this page, that I am asking all the twittering Rushton's to mark there global position on. How cool is that..!!!

I am getting worried that this could turn into a bit of an obsession now, but I did set a rule to start with and that was quite simple 'The Rushton has to be on Twitter nowhere else, not facebook or myspace or bebo or contacted randomly through google etc, this is purely a Twitter thing' and all I can say is to all Rushtons out there, get yourself on Twitter and join the party.

And yes its probably been done before and I know a well known comedian did something similar but this has never been done by a Rushton before especially not a Rich Rushton (otherwise I would know about it) and thats the most important factor.

And next time Twitter poses the question "What are you doing?" I may smile to myself and think about adding this.....


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